Daisy Room

Daisy Room is for children aged 2 years of age that provides EYFS learning opportunities. It is a cosy place with different areas where children can explore and learn and enjoy different areas of interest. Daisy room has a minimum staffing ratio of one staff member to 4 children. There are plenty of opportunities for messy play using tactile materials such as corn flour, jelly, sand and water, and the resources are regularly changed and reviewed so the environment remains stimulating and exciting to play in. Daisy Room has direct access to our outdoor play area and the children are encouraged to explore this at all times throughout their day, so that they have a choice of where to play.

Orchid Room

When children are approaching or reach the age of 3 they make the transition to the Orchid Room where they play and learn with other 3 and 4 year old children. Children of this age are often very independent and like to explore and play with their imaginations and we provide a range of activities and materials to support this as well as their learning and individual interests. The Orchid Room environment enables children to become confident and ready for their early school experiences, by acquiring pre -reading and writing skills, and learning about numbers. The children also have access to the secure, well-monitored outdoor area throughout the day. The staffing ratio in the Orchid Room is a minimum of 1 staff member to 8 children

Sensory Room

The Sensory Room is a small unique area that has a relaxing atmosphere, full of intriguing things for children to explore and appreciate through the use of their senses. Children visit the room for some quiet time, or to talk with their Key person and friends. There is also a comfy chair, lots of cushions and mats as well as twinkle lights and a ball pool for the children to enjoy.

Computer Room

Children can access web-safe laptops with adult supervision and guidance at all times, so they can develop or enhance their ICT skills, conduct their own research and learn what a computer is for. Help is given to log on and off and access simple computer games on secure sites,

 Outside Play Area

The outside area is directly accessible from both Daisy and Orchid Rooms thus allowing all children to be able to use it throughout the day, to interact with one another and share experiences. There is a variety of different elements for children to explore including an area for making dens, a summer house, mud kitchen, water and musical areas. children are encouraged to access all areas of the EYFS curriculum in our outdoor area.